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Thank you for visiting my website and exploring how therapy can help you to achieve the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve. 

Let me begin by acknowledging your strength for reaching out for support.  While ignoring issues can feel easier in the short run, suppressing problems only perpetuates patterns and causes issues to manifests in dysfunctional ways.  As human beings, we can all get stuck in patterns we cannot break on our own and sometimes need outside support to learn the right tools to create and sustain long-lasting change.  For many people, this can be achieved through therapy. 

With that said, not all therapy and therapists are the same; it can be an overwhelming and confusing process to locate the best provider for your needs.  My primary objective is to help you receive the correct support.  My website will provide you with information about my treatment specializations to help you better understand what I do and if I am the right person to assist you on your journey. 

My unique training and experience make me different than many other treatment providers.  As a systemically trained, licensed marriage and family therapist, my expertise is in helping my clients achieve meaningful, healthy relationships with themselves and others.  The systemic modality that I work within allows me to look at how a client’s presenting concerns are impacted by both their internal and external worlds. Not only do I address the internal factors that perpetuate problems, I help my clients to look at the external factors and relationships that help or hinder health and wellness.  This systemic orientation empowers each person to understand their role in maintaining and breaking unhelpful patterns.  By creating change within each person, systemically oriented therapy helps clients to translate therapeutic skills to the home environment, allowing clients and their support system to make changes on a daily basis. 

This type of therapy is recognized as a leading treatment modality for many mental health concerns, as it provides clients with so much more than once-a-week support.  By participating in this type of treatment, my clients regularly report growth and change at a much faster rate and more sustainable level, than with individual therapy alone. 

Please take a few minutes to explore my website and see how this approach can help you in reaching your goals.