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Couple Therapy Session

Rocky Mountain Couples and Family Therapy

I provide therapy for individuals, couples, and families.  Whether I am working with an individual or an entire system, I am unique in that I am always helping clients to see the “whole picture.”  As human beings, we are constantly interacting with others in our families, communities, work environments, social settings, etc., yet these factors are so frequently ignored within therapy.  It is my belief that these interactions and relationships directly impact our internal self-perceptions, interactions, behaviors and mood.  When working with me, therapy therefore focuses on how the internal experience interacts with the external experience, and how behaviors manifest as a result of this narrative.  

I provide each of my clients with non-judgmental support, insight into cycles that maintain presenting concerns, and guidance to begin to approach your problems differently.  I strive to build a therapeutic relationship of trust, empathy, and respect where my clients have the resources and support they need to explore their life experiences, begin to view problems in more effective ways, and learn the tools to make positive changes in their lives.

Treatment specializations include:

  • Eating disorders & disordered eating:
    • Anorexia
    • Binge eating
    • Bulimia
    • Orthorexia (obsessive “healthy” eating)
    • Low self-esteem
    • Exercise addiction
    • Persistent negative self-talk
  • Relationship issues including:
    • Communication
    • Boundaries
    • Pre-marital
    • Non-violent conflict resolution
    • Relationship enhancement
    • Sexual concerns
    • Life cycle transitions
  • Family counseling
    • Adolescent counseling (ages 12-18)
    • Couples therapy
    • Parenting support
    • Divorce
    • Separation
    • Blended families
  • Mood disorders and trauma healing:
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Depressive disorders
    • PTSD