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Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that can leave you and your loved ones feeling stuck, trapped or hopeless.  I believe that with the right support, treatment, and motivation, recovery is possible.  As a therapist who has experience working in both out-patient and intensive treatment settings, I have helped many clients achieve healthy relationships with themselves and their loved ones. 

I am trained in the most up to date evidence-based approaches that are used throughout treatment centers across the country.  These approaches include: FBT (family-based treatment), CBT-E (cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy).

My relational approach with eating disorders sets me aside from many other providers in the community.  It is widely accepted that eating disorders derive within a bio-psycho-social model.  This means that biological pre-disposition, psychological factors and personality traits, social stressors and family norms all impact the development and maintenance of eating disorder behaviors and cognitions.  It is for this reason that family approaches have been shown to be more effective and have better outcomes than individual therapy alone, making Family-Based Treatment (FBT) the recommended eating disorder treatment approach for adolescents by the American Psychiatric Association.

 In my private practice, I provide out-patient treatment using these treatment approaches.  Out-patient treatment typically involves once or twice a week sessions and frequently includes the client's support system; this is where clients can learn the skills to translate their recovery to their home environment.  Treatment includes building skills to interrupt eating disorder behaviors, managing intrusive thoughts, and addressing the underlying function of the disorder. 

If you are having difficulty reaching your treatment goals on an out-patient basis, I will work with you to make the necessary referrals for a higher level of care.  Age, severity, and motivation are just a few of the factors that determine the appropriate level of care and modality in treatment in treatment.